Why I Write

I’m fiercely independent and learning daily what it means to live dependent on Christ and married to an imperfect husband.

I welcomed motherhood with some reluctance and have to fight for honesty, repentance, and joy in the midst of it.

I’m a truth-teller and a question-asker. I believe in having the uncomfortable conversations, in shining light where darkness keeps us enslaved.

So while I write here to process ordinary life, I write elsewhere to be a bridge for women who feel like they don’t fit. For those of us who are strong and sometimes loud, ambitious and restless; and for those of us who are bleeding in the corners, certain we are forever unclean.

I write to extend an invitation–to myself, first and foremost, but also to you–to life lived coram Deo–before God’s face, not because we have figured everything out or are finally “healed,” but because, in Christ, we are beloved daughters who need not cower in the shadows. I write to invite us into the life God intends for us, lived in view of his mercies, united to Christ and anchored in the Scriptures: a life marked by joy, courage, and freedom.

I write to process life in light of the gospel in hopes that I might be an example of God’s perfect patience and mercy. To him be the glory.

If you’d like to request a guest post or other written piece, please contact me.

Where to Find Me

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