My heart beats for Christ-centered, Word-based women’s discipleship in the local church.

Having experienced my own struggles with shame and feeling like an outsider among Christians, I’m passionate about inviting women to the healing and freedom found in knowing Christ. And I’m committed to the means God has appointed to bring about that healing and freedom in his people–through his Word and his Church.

So while labeling myself as a “speaker,” is pretty intimidating, I welcome opportunities to serve alongside pastors and women’s ministry teams to support local churches in their efforts to teach and disciple women. I have enjoyed serving at various women’s retreats and events. I teach from passages of Scripture, and have addressed such topics as a woman’s identity, being anchored in Scripture, hermeneutics/Bible study methods, motherhood, freedom from shame, community, experiencing grace, abortion and healing, single parenthood, comparison, body image, miscarriage and grief, and more.

To inquire about speaking engagements, please contact me.

Teaching Samples

The Gospel-Centered Woman

Romans 8:18-30

Philippians Series: 1:12-30, 2:1-18, 3:12-4:1

What people have said:

“Kendra served our church so well. Even now, years after she spoke, I still hear the women of our church talking about what they learned and how they have benefited from her teaching.” – Rob Berreth, Lead Pastor, Redeemer Church in Bellingham, WA

“I was having a very difficult month with a lot of feelings of depression, but Kendra’s talks made me forget what I was upset about and really refocused my eyes on the gospel.” – Women’s Conference attendee

“I really enjoyed Kendra’s speaking–and the questions that went along–they provoked some really good conversations.” – Women’s Conference attendee

“Kendra was so wonderful to listen to + be ENCOURAGED by.” – Women’s Conference attendee