Hi, I’m Kendra.

I’m a Christ-follower and writer; wife to Jordan, mom to Hadley, Adrienne, and Maximus.

I’m an independent city girl with a degree in International Studies, which I imagined I’d use to spend my life working overseas in some capacity. But I moved home to Fargo, ND ten years ago to have a baby and, it turns out, fall in love with Jesus (and later, my husband), have two more babies, and get wrapped up in a beautiful, Gospel-centered church community where I had the privilege of serving as their first Women’s Discipleship Director for a little over a year.

Now we’re in southern California, where my engineer-husband is pursuing his M.Div. at Westminster Seminary California (and I’m slowly working towards an M.A. in Biblical Studies). Here, my dreams of life among the ocean, mountains, and big city are finally realized…while living in a tiny apartment and figuring out life in a new place.

Over the past few years, God has been teaching me more and more about what it looks like to embrace the ordinary–the plain things. And while I thought a move away from the Midwest could finally be the secret to fulfilling my ambition and restlessness, I’m realizing that the plain things are actually what make a life. I write here to work through my uncomfortable questions and remember the truth of the gospel in the midst of the mundane. These are my reflections on ordinary life and faith.

Thanks for stopping by!

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